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However, we do not pretend to be perfect. Know that your comment is taken seriously. Let's calculate: as long as iga shares the publisacs with nine other provincial advertisers, their responsibility would be equivalent to 18,2 million annual bags. At g per bag, that'S tons of material. This brings back the tons deleted, isn't it? Okay, no one is " perfect ".

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And given the slowness of the " small steps " adopted while it would be easy to end a practice 42 times more harmful, the company seems rather to settle for a surface greening, without really believing that " the ecological issue is very much Important ". Nice try, but you'll be back when your actions are as much "serious" as your words.

Fini les sacs en plastique chez IGA.

Reportage: Capitaine America: La Guerre Civile

Weather weather In my neighborhood this week, the delivery of the flyer coincided with a thunderstorm warning. I took the opportunity to test an argument often used by the defenders to justify plastic bags, that is, " it's a protection against the weather. But it doesn't matter, let's see if the publisac is a good bulwark against the rain.

In our photo on the left, a bag before the storm. On the right, the same, the next morning. Do you notice a difference?

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Exact: Recycled or not, plastic bags do not only harm the environment - they preserve enough rain water to keep their precious content well beyond the end of a tellu. Notice to advertisers, so: if you want your flyer to reach your customers and, by the way, without breaking any regulation or associate your name to the degradation of our ecosystems , it may be time to rethink your strategy We have our doubts about it, but for the purpose of the discussion, let's pretend to believe it for a moment. But the real question is: why are the numbers from six to eleven times lower than the one claimed by publisac?

Dear Retailers, don't believe us on word and do your own checks.

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And if you ever get the same results as we do, tell us one thing: are you really going to take the defense of publisac during the public consultation on the flyer this fall? Reminder reminder In addition to the present facebook messages, we are on www. Follow us so you don't miss anything, and don't hesitate to share! Amusez-vous bien! The game of the mistakes Part Have fun!

The game of the mistakes Part 1 New media offensive of transcontinental: after the advertising campaign that was broadcast this spring in the metro and the abribus see our post of April 25, , the company is putting a layer of it this summer with two full pages in many of the Local newspapers.

It's probably a coincidence, because journalists wouldn't let themselves be bought in such a rude way, right?

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Not to be all the time the only person who is complaining against the incongruities related to the publisacs, I let you this time spot yourself everything that frieze bad faith, half truth and the apocalyptic sub-heard in the Announcements attached. First of all, page 1, and see the next post in the next message.

Continue Reading. Publisac writes to us! On July 13th www. Two days later, a little shot: for the first time since our debut in October , the relations of publisac wrote to us. With her permission, write below the full e-mail she sent us: Good morning Mr. Thank you. Chartrand Tc. Tc So let us try to answer him: Good morning Mrs. Chartrand, Happy to hear from you. Let's hope that this will be the beginning of a fruitful conversation! On the other hand, it is surprising that, of everything that has been said in the last 21 months, you have only chosen the question " so that's the famous " Recycled Bag "?

And even there, many sorting centres have to bury their stock due to lack of buyers; therefore, your statement does not fit the reality. In addition, even if the percentage of recycled plastic is not relevant, it is not sure that this number will soon be raised, given the number of promises that publisac does not hold - whether it is the commitment not to deliver bags to Many of the complaint, or your own oath, at the news of April , 29, to reduce in 15 days the rate of excessive deliveries that we will pay 14 months later, this average is actually eight Times Higher, and the total number of crimes reaches for 30 blocks.

And this is not to mention the disaster scenario on the newspapers that will die if the refusal stickers become "easily available". Anyway, to be raw without providing evidence, you would have to stop screaming at the wolf, Mrs.

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If you have solid facts to share to support your claims, we are all ears. But it didn't stop there - there was also a size problem. Indeed, this 48 cm "Green" Bag was not used everywhere this week. However, the last one was 8 cm longer, to make room for two discount coupons on the bag itself. We didn't get out of the wood! You know what that means, don't you? But yes, it's time again to write to a client of publisac! If you don't know it, it worked when Canadian tire bought a bag apart for their flyer, thus double the plastic used. Protest at , at www. And as long as writing, copy and paste Your message to more than one place!

On the contrary, you have increased yours by recently using long-term publisacs. So I would recommend you to leave this kind of promotion, which creates more than tons of waste per year. In addition to being harmful, it's far from promoting your image! Nowadays, giving up the printed flyer is much more successful and even saving you.

Anyway, being green will be worth you more customers. But for now, you would rather help us to attend other establishments. An answer would be appreciated. As always, let us remember that you have to understand in sub-heard: " In the end, this means that more is actually recycled and that we should rather reduce the damage at the source. So far, nothing new. Not only does it change absolutely nothing to the pickup and sorting tasks that the company imposes on the whole population without most people asking for their product, but is this the limit of what it is ready to assume when it Says Act " responsible " and says " all stakeholders will have to do their part "?

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Think of all the " drinks " for children who are not entitled to the name " Juice " because they are mostly made of sugar and artificial flavours. And There's worse yet. But it would be too long to explain today, so let's keep some for the next delivery.

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Unwarranted Delivery On April 1St, we will give you some publisacs hanging at the entrance of a house that had passed to the fire. Because of the date, it could have looked like a hoax, but the picture was indeed authentic. This shows how pressure the camelots are to sell their stock, whether the chosen places are appropriate or not! If you see any other crazy deliveries, don't hesitate to share them with us at CharlesMontpetit yahoo. Thank you! Pharmacy without publisacs, take 2 Yesterday, we were talking about a pharmacy that gave up the distribution of door-to-Door Flyer, but it is not the only one who made such a decision!

Congratulations to the proxim Martine Pilon from Rosemont Boulevard in Montreal , who did the same in April ! Here's what she said to us: " I wanted to specify that I am in an independent banner proxim and not in a franchise. I have all the freedom I need to do what I like for my business. I understood by listening to my customers that the flyer may not be necessary. Wedding planning for the bride to be.

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