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As a result, Meteor customers could have numbers starting with the codes , , , , or In , the then Director of Telecommunications Regulation held a competition to award the third mobile telecommunications licence.

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On 19 June it was announced that Meteor had been ranked first in the competition. However, Orange took legal action against the Director to prevent the licence being awarded. This legal action ultimately failed and on 29 June Meteor were finally issued with the third mobile telecommunications licence.

However, they became profitable and have since picked up much of the lucrative pre-paid market among teenagers, due to their low SMS rates and ongoing promotions such as free Meteor-to-Meteor text messages. In , Western Wireless International bought out the remaining minority shareholders in the consortium, and it became a wholly owned subsidiary of that company.

In early several Irish newspapers reported that Western Wireless had been approached with a view to selling Meteor. On 21 July it was announced that Smart Telecom had also withdrawn, leaving eircom as the sole bidder. On 18 November the Competition Authority approved, subject to conditions primarily, that separate accounts continue to be published for Meteor. The purchase was completed on 23 November In a report by eircom, Meteor had gained an The company's subscriber base had increased to over one million as of September On 29 March , a number of companies within the eir group, including Meteor petitioned the Irish High Court for the appointment of an examiner.

Meteor initially started out as a value-driven mobile service offering customers basic mobile voice telephony and text-based SMS services to mostly Pay and Go customers.

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In Meteor launched Bill Pay Lite. It offered short contracts and low monthly fees. The Pay as you go service offered 7.

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  7. Once an order is completed, issuing ECX number, we will not provide refunds or cancel orders for any reason. Prepaid SIM card made just for travelers to Japan. The latest news Apr. Service Period Countdown [Delivery to hotels, homes and offices] The Service period countdown will start from the next day from your first use. Steps after purchase for iOS Steps after purchase for Android. Inquiry Form We will reply within 3 business days.

    Three gives out allowances for top-ups as a bonus, not debited from your loaded credit. Out of bundle data are charged with 6. All allowances are valid in Ireland and all over the EU.


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    Three Ireland bans tethering on their smartphone prepaid SIM. There are reports that they suspend the "all you can eat data" bundle, when they detect a non-smartphone use or any tethering from a phone. If you want to tether data or use it not in a phone, better choose their Prepaid Broadband SIM instead.

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    Eir is Ireland's largest Telecom operator, formerly called Eircom, their mobile brand Meteor until Eir has the third-largest market share in the mobile market and its parent company has the advantage of owning a nationwide fibre backbone, enabling it to offer fast data speeds at a good coverage: Eir Coverage. Standard, micro and nano size SIMs are available. Top-up vouchers are widely available nationwide.

    SIM cards must be topped up every days to maintain service for outbound calls and texts. They will be deactivated 30 days later. As of August 8th these plans come with 80 GB data to use within Ireland. You can opt in the following plans with renewal after 28 days, but don't need to:. To all of their their pay as you go SIM cards with or without base plan, you add top-up the following bundles for 28 days:. To activate, text code to For more data within your running month, you can add two boosters valid for 30 days no EU cap :.

    For activation, text code to The Mobile Broadband Passes require a different data-only SIM card and can't be mixed with the other internet add-ons in the table above.

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    All new customers are initially signed up to the basic plan. Tesco Mobile is one of the cheapest option for international calls when visiting Ireland. New prepaid users are opted in to the "Simple" offer by default. Switching to this plan for existing users: text "Join Simple" to The f ollowing bundles can be booked:.

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    These bundles don't renew themselves, you have to book them again after expiration. No caps for EU roaming are applied. A FUP for data applies for some Prepay plans. Customers that join Tesco Mobile after the 15th of June will need to pass a basic customer authenticity check before being eligible to use their allowances while roaming in the EU.

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    To pass an authenticity check all a customer needs to do is sign into my. Not having one of these, roaming may be declined in the future.

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    The leading UK ethno provider started in Ireland in As usual, their SIM card is free. It can be ordered online to be sent to an Irish postal address hotel addresses are accepted. Please note that availability varies greatly.

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    4. SIM packs come in many different configurations - some are free without credit, some come are paid for with preloaded credit, and some stores sell free SIMs for a fee without free credit.

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