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Q: How do I drill better? Q: What is a Crystal Coupon? Where do I get one? What do I do? What happened to him? Q: How do I get to second job? Q: Where do I get a million galder check? Q: Which badge do I need and where do I get it from? Q: After I change to second job, can I go back to my first job looks? Q: How do I get to third job? Q: What is the difference between Pure and Hybrid when I change to third job? Q: What is the name of each third job class?

What do numbers like or mean? Where should I put my bonus points? Q: Which stat determines the accuracy of my attacks? Q: I want to delete a skill. How do I do that? Q: My build is screwed up. How can I fix that? Q: Is the Dragon a girl or a boy? Q: Which character does the most damage?

In late-game though, where equipment starts to flatten out, however depending on the type of monster you will be fighting. Of course, certain combinations work better than others, this is only in regards to single attacks. Can I gift it to someone else?

Is this true? Download the installer from the website and install the game. Launch the game and patch your client it does this for you automatically. Log in with your username and password. Create your character—see below on questions concerning your build. Q: How do I log out? He will teleport you to Coral Beach for the beginner tutorial. Complete the tutorial to receive your rookie set consisting of a hat, sword, shield and Young Egg pet.

Speak to the four NPCs in order. Each of them will teach you about basic gameplay and help you navigate around the game interface. The reason is that Tangerines recover your HP, weigh very little, and are free. This is just a recommendation and is totally optional. Note that it helps to do the quests in order, and that some quests as indicated on the guide are specific to certain classes. Doing the quest for your class will reward you with a pet. The above guide only applies to the red level gift boxes, not the purple level up gift boxes.

Q: How do you take a screenshot? Use the Prt Scr button. All Trickster screenshots are automatically saved to the following directory: C:Trickster Onlinecapture. Q: How do I play on full screen mode? Jewelia is older than Fantasia—the latter was only established in July Prices on Jewelia are higher due to inflation.

More event items can be found on Jewelia because of the events that took place before Fantasia came into being. Apart from these differences, both worlds are the same in terms of game content.

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Each class has its own unique abilities, and its pros and cons. When you reach a milestone Lv5, 10, etc. Collect all the monster drops as you train, and sell them to the NPC. If you have high Sense, you can drill for quest items and sell them in your private shop—vending will become your main way of making money. Excursions are available to be booked Cheap Carribean. However, upon arrival, onsite representatives Turinter Tours frowned upon the prebooking, making it a difficult process. They have plenty of excursions. My advice, do a little research and know what your looking to do before you discuss it with the rep.

Although they have plenty and some I didnt even think of, the rep I was dealing with kind of pushed some more than others. In my case I knew of 2 that I really wanted, 1 of which he never mentioned until I brought it up. But to answer your question, they offer everything form ziplining, city tours, private beach tours, waterfall tours and more. Some more expensive than others but reasonable priced.

Is the beach appropriate for small children? Many people topless at the other resort and created a few issues!! This resort does not encourage topless bathing, however, it is not prohibited in the Dominican Republic. In the 5 days we were there, we only saw one topless sunbather and she was simply lying on a towel next to her family. I would not be concerned about taking small kids.

Didn't see a single topless person the wole week we were there. Depending on the age of your children waves can be large right down from the hotel, walk 5 minutes east and reefs are closer to shore and waves smaller. Not really but the pool area is great.. There were a couple girls topless at the beach, but not many. This beach is fine for families. I did not see anyone topless there at all.

We saw one women laying out topless. But it wasn't the norm. However as I'm sure your aware bikinis are getting really small. Only saw one topless bather and she was very discret. No topless beach, well I did not see any of that Rooms with Ocean World Included come with a one day pass or are you allowed extra days 6 answers.

Any additional days would have to purchased out of pocket. I will recommend for you to buy the dolphin excursion, great experience and it will include entrance to the park. Believe me, one day will be more than enough. The snorkeling is in a fish tank with fish dung floating around the top.

Also, if you want to return to the hotel early, forget about it, your white band adentifies you as a Cheap Caribbean guest and you will get no service. See my comments, if they print them. When you get there ask for john Wayne he will hook you up. Do not expect any extra ones. They come with a one day pass. Dont't know - Ocean World was not a part of our special rate.

I was there and you chose the day that you want go to Ocean World, you would enjoy, Victor. Are all vacations through this site connected with a sales tour? Are ALL of them connected to some sort of sales tour? How do you know the difference NOT one vacation package I've looked at states it's related to a sales tour? Since I've never taken a vacation of this nature I just don't want any surprises You don't have to attend a sales presentation, but you will be hounded until you do. See my comments. Most of the resorts we sell are not connected wtih a sales tour. Lifestyles however, is connected with a timeshare group.

If you need furhter assistances please contact us at 1. They ask you to take a tour but you don't have a tour and they give you a gift if you do. It was nice to see the whole resort as well. We were able to get out of the sales tour by having plans both mornings we were there. They might pester you, but you're under no obligation to go. Tons of people we met said they had been solicited to. My wife and I were never asked any questions about wanting to join a time share or go on a tour but we are 21 and it was probably very obvious we could not afford the timeshare.

If you go, have no reservations about telling people NO from the start. The people there are very much salesmen. They are pushy and if you do not want something do not try to argue with them or politely get out of it. Just say no from the start. In conclusion I would say that if you go, the probability of someone approaching you about a timeshare is pretty high.

Not all Cheap Caribbean vacations are 'sales' related. I know Lifestyle and Moon Palace are. Listen closely! Beware of the guys in the white polo shirts. These are the guys that direct you to the sales staff that waist your day trying to hard sell you a timeshare and will get rude if you say no. We did not expect this they didnt say this was a promotional vacation they just roped us in to a tour. Let me save you the time. Go with God. We went to the Sales Tour and after 10 minutes, we stopped the salesman and told him that we were not interested and we got our gifts and left.

They were not pushy at all. The sales tour is them trying to sell you a timeshare. All you do is keep saying "thats nice, I'm not buying" and once they're done they leave you alone for the rest of your vacation. Pretty much every Caribbean country you go to where you get any deal will have that same timeshare sales pitch. You're best bet is to arrive in the afternoon and tell them you've already heard the timeshare pitch.

Does the "Per Person" rate exclude minor children? Hello, I have a12 year old child. Since she is a minor Is she covered under our per person rate or do we have to pay extra? If you have a 12 year old child that is travelling with you, when pricing out your deisred vacation, you would just need to add them when entering the number of travelers and the ages of the travelers.

Just make sure to choose them as a child, and enter their correct age. Once you do that, the website will price out the vacation package accordingly. The child will pay for their airline ticket if you are including airfare in your package , and most times will also pay a price in the hotel room as well, although this varies depending on whether the hotel is all-inclusive, and the individual hotel itself. Dont know but you can e-mail them from thier website. Yes she is and indivitual person she must pay. You have to pay for her as well.

It will cost the same as an adult. Because of the extremely low price they charge the same for everyone. I'm not sure about infants, but toddlers and older cost the same. Don't see why not ,you might look into policy of the resort if child not sure till what age it is consider stays free,good luck. Rates are per person regardless of age. Is there a casino on the property?

If not is transportation made available to the Ocean World one? There is no casino on the property. For an additional cost, you can take a taxi to the casino at Ocean World. Prices for the taxi fare can vary depending on each taxi service. No casino on property. Have to take a cab to Ocean World except for the Thursday Night party there when there is a shuttle from the hotel.

Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa

We had vouchers for an excursion to Ocean World and that provided transportation. Ocean World is walking distance from the resort, tho I would take a taxi home at night. No casino at Lifestyle.. Yes but there were to many female escorts hustling the customers. Not a problem getting there. We were given a free show, nice, at the ocean world casino and they shuttle you back and forth. The casino itself was tiny and not what I am used to. Transportation is available to ocean world each night. There is a shuttle to the one at Ocean World. Can I a US Citizen take my niece 14yrs. They are also residents not citizens of the US.

The information we have on file pertains to US Citizens. You would need to check directly with the embassy regarding the stipulations for non US Citizens. Hi Kay, If your niece own a "green card" then she can return without any problem if the travel is less than months. If you go pass 6 months then you will need to have your niece apply for a re-entry permit. If you are traveling through US Airways, then make sure you give yourself an additional minutes at the check-in booth and the gate in order for them to process the green card because US Airways doesn't understand that there are other travelers out there as well beside US citizens sorry, this is my own rant with US Airways.

Yes they would be able to go. I also a resident of the US not a citizen and I had a great time. Your niece would have a great time too as they have lots of activities for children so she to can enjoy the vacation and they have sitters to watch the children if you need some adult time. Only if she has a passport or permission to travel. A minor 14 years will need permission from the parents to travel with you.

If the parents are with her, that is no problem. Would not let her out of your sight, will be fine if you plan on staying at the resort, by the pool or beach alot. Everyone needs a passport. Be safe, we were robbed, the very first night returning from the welcoming party. Don't know the citizenship requirements of visiting Puerto Plata DR. You would have to research this. By federal law any minor must have documentation from the legal guardians authorizing any international trips - you can't even take her on a cruise without doc's.

Also the hotels will generally authorize discounted rates for foreign passports only. So as long as she's not from whatever country you're going to you're good - but I would call to check ahead of time. I have ms anddo they have elevarors And smoking 11 answers. Lifestyle does not have elevators and they do not have smoking rooms. For guests with physical disabilities special considerations would be made to provide rooms on the ground floor. Feel free to call one of our experinced Destination Specialists to discuss any special needs you may have and they wil be happy to assist you in finding a suitable resort.

Personally I did not see any elevators. Smoking is allowed all over the resort. I don't remember seeing any elevators but there is a ton of smoking there at least compared to what I was used to. No elevators at Lifestyle and yes they allow smoking. No elevators and smoking is permitted.

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No elevators that I saw, lots of smoking areas. You can basically smoke almost anywhere. Request a ground floor room as there are multiple buildings so there are a lot of rooms on ground floor levels. How cold are the hot tubs? The hot tubs temperature varies as it is under the resorts control. Whatever the air temperature is. Its not really a 'hot' tub. The hot tubs on the outside are room temperature because of the tropical climate. In the presidential suites where there are 2 whirpool tubs extra large you can have it your way.

I was good tempature perfect for the heat. We were there last week and the days were in the 90's and humid, but not unbearable-nights were perfect's.

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They are NOT hot at all, basically a bubbly pool tub. The warmest was around 78 degrees I would say. They call it a hot tub but they are not hot tubs. The "hot tubs" aren't heated. Because the regular pool temperature is about the same as ocean temperature or degrees F depending on time of day. A hot tub isn't that much hotter. And when you're in the sun you already feel like you're frying - you don't want to be boiled and fried.

I'm not sure if the temp, but they were not "really cold". The weather was high 80's where we were there last week and we could easily get into the tubs and relax. The temp was very pleasant not too cold or hot! It does appear that there are no non-stop flights from Jamaica to the Dominican Republic, however, you would be best to check based uon your individual travel dates, and the specific airports in Jamaica and DR that you are interested in.

Regarding documents needed to travel, CheapCaribbean. If you are not a US citizen, you would be best to check with the consulate for further information. If you are an American Citizen, you don't need a Visa. If not, you need to check with the Consulate of the DR. I doubt there's a direct flight from Jamaica, but just do a search on Jet Blue and American Airlines - you can also check a travel site like Kayak.

You don't need a visa for a stay less than 90 days. You will purchase a "travel visa" when you arrive. Yes passport required both ways. I'm sure there must be a direct flight from Jamaica to DR. Is the parking at the resort free or is there a fee? Does anyone know if the resort charges for parking? Or how much the available 'economy size' rental cars cost per day? Gas prices?? Nowhere to go that would be really safe, and many of the roads are terrible. No fee for parking. Most guest had golf carts, only if you were a VIP member.

The resorts amenities does have parking on-site listed without a money sign next to it. Please do keep in mind that any amenity is subject to change with or without prior notification. There is no charge for parking, however, most guests get around via golf carts. Lastly we asked the driver about gas prices and it appears that it is extremely expensive which is why most of the locals travel via motorcyle. It took us about 40 minutes to get from the POP airport by bus to the resort.

I know for sure that it was more than New York. You can't go fast, the roads go from smooth to massively messed up and back often, and the way dominican's drive - when they honk at you, pull over and maintain speed, because two lane roads become three for passing purposes normally. And the cities are far crazier. The resort offers taxi discounts - and Lifestyes is about 2 hours from Santiago airport so expect a taxi to cost you a minimun of 80 bucks each way.

I think the resorts package must be booked with the resort itself - look up main lobby phone number in yellow pages or something is round trip to santiago airport. Any excursion booked with the hotel includes transporation. And the hotel has an inner resort free shuttle from varying lobbies and locations.

Parking is free. It depends on the type of site seeing you want to do. You really are better off with the excursions to see everything. You have to go under book hotel only in the left hand corner of the resort page. Sure wish we could have gone back that rate. Maybe CC will run this offer in Dec or early next year.

We will keep our fingers crossed. Great deals to be found! On the left side of the page where they show where you fly from there is an option for hotel only. Cost comparison 7 answers. Hi, Thank you for your question. But from Atl to fly to Puerto Plata now Sept is not cheap. It depends on when you go and which airline you choose. Travel from Atlanta can be quite costly.

There are also taxes. The flight costs are outrageous to get there. You might be able to get it a little cheaper depending on dates. I would recommend looking at flights separately on Kayak. You'll find taxes and fees to go to some of these countries at times the airlines actual flight cost example - a flight might cost Jet Blue 55 bucks, however they charge you plus american taxes and fees because of that price is dominican taxes and fees.

I kid u not - look at spirit airline prices to see for yourself. Ever wonder why people in these countries never pay taxes? You have to pay attention to some of the extras that are included automatically like airport transfers and trip insurance. You simply have to click on them to remove them from the price.

There will be some taxes and fees added but they usually aren't too much. We booked our own flights used miles so we used the hotel only option while booking. We did pay for the airport transfers which I would suggest. The trip to Lifestyles truly was a bargain. Yes taxes and fees are added and they are quite a bit. What is the cost for a single person? All the deals are for double occupancy. I am a solo traveler. What is the average rate if I don't have a travel buddy? Do you offer a roommate matching service?

We do not offer any roommate matching services. Our packages are advertised based on double occupancy. Of course Single occupancy rates are available at most hotels. If you see a hotel package you like, you can remove the second adult from the package and proceed to get the pricing for 1 adult.

If you prefer, one of our agents can quickly provide you a price with not obligation. I booked 2 rooms one for my son and his girlfriend and one for me and a companion who was 'unable to join me' at the last minute. It was chaper booking a double room with a no-show than booking a single room. Matching is not done in order to avoid problems. I originally booked for two people at the rate of 11 us dollars per day.

I ended up traveling solo. So 22per day wasn't bad at all. I was afraid that there would be an extra charge but there wasn't. The price they show is devided in two, so if you travel alone you pay for it twice. I hope this helps. When traveling on this trip it is required that it is double occupancy. How much does the babysitting cost? How much is childcare and is it through the resort or an outside agency? The supervised Kid's club is included in the all inculsive package and should not be an additional charge. For further information regarding babysitting you may contact the resort directly.

CheapCaribbean in not provided with additional cost for babysitting. Did not travel with kids so I don't know. Ask for Crip and they will provide one in the room, it was very helpful for us. Take regular medicines like tylenol, cough syrup, baby vicks, etc. Expensive to get them there. They have a kids corner but not much going on there. Well there weren't too many kids when we were there so maybe that is why. I was told we can get baby sitters but we did not get one. The kids will have a great time and all the staff are very friendly.

I would get Veronica to do it she has been there the 3 times we went, tell her Emily and Aidan's mom recommended u. We love Alfredo also so your choice. They have a great "kids club" right on the resort that is included in your package. Not sure about the 1 yr old though They have a great area that is designated to children with all sorts of games and jungle gyms! If you need to watch drinking the water, what about coffee and frozen drinks like pina coladas?

Everything is made with purified water. I take for granted that they use Purified Water like the one that give us at the VIP bar and the bottles they put in your mini fridge that is bottled in the DR. So I would not worry about that. We had no problem with the drinks at all and we had the frozen ones plenty of times. They use filtered water. No worries for the drinks.

They also stock your fridge daily. We were there for five days; drank coffee, tea and had drinks at the bar. We brushed our teeth with bottled water which was provided in our rooms. Great place, enjoy. You don't have to worry about the water or the frozen drinks Ive been there 4 times and ill drink over 50 pina coladas and have never had any problems All drinks are made from purified water and salads are washed in purified water.

I've been 3 times to DR and nobody in our party has ever had any trouble. I drank the water they provided assuming that they were using filtered or clean water. I also had drinks that had ice cubes in it because, unless I wanted a warm soda or mixed drink, I wouldn't have had another choice. I actually didn't find to have troubles with doing this. My stomach really only had trouble if I had anything really greasy. My boyfriend also didn't have problems with the water and drinks with ice cubes.

Some people did, some people didn't. I guess it is up to you. No one has mentioned the dress code for men for dinner, is it long pants for evening unless at the buffet? To our knowledge, only the Azul Restaurant at the top of the VIP building requires long pants for men. It depends on what you prefer.

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We've been to the resort a few times and I have seen some people very dressed up, and others very casual. But I would say overall, it's more casual than anything. So you can wear shorts, t-shirts, casual or dress - it is up to you. My husband wore shorts sometimes- but nicer ones- not cargo shorts or anything- at the specialty restaurants. It's cool enough at night though if you'd prefer to wear long pants. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing jeans, cowboy hats, etc out there too haha.

The few we saw who were in old shorts and t-shirts kind of stuck out in the evenings, but that may be just us wishing they knew not to. Casual shorts are fine for all others. My boyfriend and our other friend had to buy pants down there. Yes, I believe you need to wear long Pants for dining at a Restaurant. I would never let my husband go to a nice restaurant for dinner with shorts.

Mainly they don't want people in bathingsuits or anything wet for sanitary reasons. No one will ask you to wear long pants in the tropics, but ripped cut offs might be out of place in the fancier restaurants. What entertainment and activities are there 11 answers. Is this spot geared more for couples or is it also for singles. What sort of entertainment and activity is there. There were mostly couples and families. Not a lot of singles. There are nightly shows and a Disco. We didn't attend either. We were there in September, so not many children, little ones under age 6 or so only, we met several singles, but it is not necessarily a singles swinging place.

The VIBE disco opens around , so you know there have to be enough younger people to support that, lots of activities, sunfish sailboats, kayaks, tennis, water sports and games in the main pool, if you want Club Med style activities, this may be a little tame. The Sunday night party is great, pumping music, live entertainment, and excellent food prepared outside, along with fireworks.

The main pool has several sections, swim up bar, and lots of places to just stand with a cocktail, or swim. Good luck, we will definitely recommend it to everyone we see. We just returned, September 11th, and did not think that the resort was geared toward any particular demographic. We encountered mostly couples and families although there were very few if any young children. There are some typical adventures offered by the resort to see the local highlights but we just stayed and enjoyed the beach.

I am single and have gone to this spot for two years in a row People are really warm and friendly I had no problems as a single.. The week I went was a lot of couples, but there were a quite a few groups of singles. Entertainment is shows of dancing and a night club, where the show dancers do mingle with the crowd.

Theres activities in the pool and a rental area for boogie boards and beach stuff. There's a casino, Ocean World, and they provide excursion packages as well which would include transportation. Guests are off doing their own thing so it's hard to make new friends or join a group so you def want to have a pal with you - but us 4 girls had a ball of a time on our own. There is a party on Sunday and a show on Thursday. I have never gone to the Thursday show.

In my opinion it is a spot more for couples. It is a quiet resort. There were no water activities there that I found besides being in the pool or lounging on the beach. There is a volleyball net. You can choose to do activities that you pay for which are not at the resort but with outside companies. Patty, This spot is geared for the older crowd, who wants to stay at a resort, eat bland food, and lay at the pool.

When we stayed, we used it as a cheap place to stay and use as a home base. Everything is cheaper and more fun if you book it yourself. Rather than go with a large party, you can go with a smaller, more intimate group and get have a better experience. There are alot of couples but there are lots of single people with friends it really doesn't matter.

I had a lot of fun I am married but went with a girl friend who is also marriied and we met tons of married and single people and we had fun with them all. Booking through CC. Traveling to the resort at the end of Novemeber, after reading reviews im a little worried. It seems like we will only have acess to one bar VIP beach , and the buffet?

Have I read this wrong and have acess to all four bars, and all the restraunts Reservations of course? Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including local liquor, beer, cocktails, wine by the glass and soft drinks are available from four bars. You also have access to the buffet and speciality restaurants with a reservation as required.

As a yip you have access to all things at the resort except for the members only areas. Go have fun relax, and thing as much or as little as you want. I just came back and I had access to all the bars in the resort. Also to the restaurant of course you have to make reservations by 1pm the same d ay. The resort is excellent!!! Believe me I do about vacations per year. You have acces to a couple of bars. The restaurants are a little bit difficult for reservations, but the buffet is excellent and you wont see the same food VIP bar: mimosas, champaigne, sushi till pm and more till 5pm.

You still have access to the other 3 or 4 bars and all the pools, etc. The buffet is maybe better than the restaurants depending on what type of food you are accustomed to. Don't be upset if you can't get into the Italian or Chinese Plenty to do and you will be impressed at what you get for the money I was and I dispise all-inclusives for the most part. I just returned from the resort and you will have access to atleast 3 or 4 bars.

There is a lobby bar, swim up pool bar, VIP bar, and I'm thinking atleast another bar. There is the buffet but there are about 3 or 4 restaurants you should also be able to go to. There is a chinese and mexican restaurant and one called Blue Lagoon which has seafood etc. There may even be one more--I can't remember for sure.

We upgraded our membership so we did not have to wait each day to make reservations for the restaurants but I have read that you have to go between 1 and 3pm each day. It is the off season now so hopefully you won't have trouble making reservations. Also, the night we arrived Thursday night there was a BBQ dinner outside by one of the pools which had a huge spread of food and it was very good. The Sunday welcome party was wonderful too. There was a massive spread of foodlobster, filet mignon, oysters, sushi, pork, other seafood etc.

So for two nights there were alternative dinners offered beside the buffet. There are 4 bars that I know of that u will have access to.

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VIP beach, the pool bar, lobby bar and the blue lagoon. All are very nice, pool bar is best get to know David. Best bartender ever. That's open 10am-midnight. And the blue lagoon is open til 5am. As for restaurants, u do have access to 4 of those as well. Reservations need to b made a day in advance in the lobby. But when u check in, make sure u go through all ur paperwork. I didn't notice until checkout that there was a reservation for dinner already made tucked inside an envelope.

You will have access to all the bars including the VIP. You will have access to the Buffet and all the Restaurants of course, on a space available basis There is a show every night and they are just great specially the party on Sunday nights. You can even have lobster on that day. Just back to you will have a great time this was our third time there. Are there any deals for the holiday week in December?

Currently we are not running any specials at this resort for Christmas week in December. Feel free to contact one of our experienced destination specialists to discuss current specials being offered at one of our many Caribbean destinations. More likely NOT, we are taking trips a year December specialy becouse f hollidays the most expensive tim of the year, x 3.

If possible book as late as you can seems like the rates drops if you can go last minute. Rates are based on availability and subject to change. I paid 49 per person on double occupancy with us passport. We had British passports and the rate still applied if this helps. Will both my husband and I have to go to "The Presentation"? No one from our group went to any presentation at all. You don't have to go at all. We both went and found it interesting and not high pressure. We drank mimosas while they told us about the vacation club. If you don't want to go just say so. They only seem to bother you the morning after you arrive.

Just one of you can go to "The Presenttion", but neither have to go, Our friends just said no and they weren't put under any pressure, we went for a nosey and didn't get the hard sell. No you both have to go and it's a HARD sale!! Be prepared! Have bags for your clothes little bugs in all the rooms! My husband went to the presentaion without me. Neither of you have to go at all. We knew we had no interest in buying a timeshare. And by the way Well you both need to go but its pretty pain less.

We got out and rode the golf cart and checked out the grounds I thought it was kind of fun and had lunch at a different beach. Got our free rum and tee shirt not all bad. Do they have umbrellas and beach chairs at Lifestyle DR? Plenty of shade, but you can have a canopy ped on the VIP beach. Nothing sits right on the beach, but they will take the chairs down there for you, if you'd like. Nothing directly on the beach. You can bring a chair down from the upper area, not sure about umbrella's, but there is shade. You can go solo or not go at all, but I recomend to go together they ffer amaizing deals hard to refuse :.

NONE OF the beds nor chairs are directly on the beach they are several stairs up higher and a wall seperates the beach from the bed area. This area also has top shelf liquor included unlike the rest of the resort. VIP Beach has covered beds. It is wise just to add a small umbrella to your suitcase just in case it rains.

As far as umbrellas for the beach They also have beach chairs around the pool that have a small cover. Beach chairs are also available on the beach although I didn't see any umbrellas attached. Yes, umbrellas and beach chairs are available and free. If you go to other local beaches, the chairs and umbrellas are placed for a fee of approx. I would recommend the local beaches. They are a much better experience and more beautiful. How do we put a deposit down? Follow the payment procedures online or the easiest way is to call them direct.

The online payment process will explain how much is due and when. Have to use Credit Card and you pay full amount no deposits. Are tips for the staff included in the total price of the package deal? Tips are optional and we did not feel hounded for them by the resort staff. It is expected that you tip the maid. No, tips for the staff are not included in the total price of the package deal. They are included but a dollar tip goes along way! I don't no. I no i had lots of singles to hand out.

We were well taken care of. The people are very hard workers and do not make much money. They are there greatest asset. I think they are, and I can tell you, go ahead and give them a dollar. They'll remember you over the cheapskate next to you. Yes they are but once you see how hard the staff work and how friendly they are you just may change your mind! I tipped a dollar a day and sometimes more. It is a poor country and they appreciate anything.

Even if you decide not to tip the staff does not treat anyone any less. Yes but a little something extra goes a long way. Are there any specials for a single traveler? Traveling to Puerta Plata or Puerto Rico. Week of January 1, Are ther any single occupancy deals available? All of our advertised specials are based on double occupancy, therefore 2 persons sharing a room are able to take advantage of the best pricing available on a per person basis.

If there is a single occupant in the room that person pays more on a per person basis, however it is still a special, discounted rate than the contract rate.

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Your best deals would be double occupancy. For the price that cheap caribbean is offering it is the best here in Puerta Plata Lifestyles resort.. Wedid not like Puerto Rico for all-inclusive! Does Anyone Offer two week vacations? We like to travel along the carribean and can never seem to find two week All Inclusive vacations. CheapCaribbean is able to offer two week vacation packages with all resort except Lifestyles when they are running specific specials. The resort will not allow a reservation that are more than 7 nights back to back.

You may stay one week at the resort, leave and go to another and come back for another week if you wish to do so. For more explanation you may contact us at 1. You can get added days as long as you pay the nightly rate. You can book two consectutive weeks. A friend of mine checked out and then checked in again an hour later. Especially at lifestyles they say check-out is at 11 but after they cut off the bracelets you can stay in the main diningroom as long as you want and check in again after lunch.

VIP Member 6 answers. I am booking a vacation to Puerto Plata with cheap caribbean andd want to stay at the Lifestyle Tropical, How do I become a vip member before my trip? To become a VIP member with the resort you may sign up directly with them upon you arrival. This would include being apart of their timeshare program. I don't know how to do that. I"m sure it can be done. It would require a contract. I would check the place out first and take advantage of their hospitality and get the best price.

I don't think you can. I think you have to join the vacation club at the resort. Someone may correct me if I wrong, but its just words they use to make you feel special. Everyone is a VIP. There are some places you cannot go within the resort, but I dont think its worth what people said they paid. Also, there are other ways you get there Timeshare swaps.

You have to pay double the price, and Cheap Caribbean doesnt even offer it. You have to book directly thru the resort. It is worth it though, you get better food, better service, golf carts, better room, access to VIP areas that are off limits to Cheap Caribbean people. Buy into their Lifestyle Time Sharing. You are already booking as a VIP.

Once you get there, the next day take the tour and get the gold bracelet!!!!!! Then you are truly a VIP member. It is soooo worth it. Otherwise, do you know someone that already is a VIP member? You can book using their membership and then get your own. I imagine a buffet is a buffet, with plenty of options, but we don't eat meat or fish. Just checking before we pull the trigger. The resort does offer vegetarian meals as well as Kosher meals. They may be an additoinal cost to clients.

You may view their accommodations directly on Lifestyles website as well. Plus they are very accommodating. We ate more fruits and veggies while on holidays at Lifestyles than we normally do! It was a great selection! Lots of fruits and veggies, sometimes too much for us meat eaters. Yes they do and their food is just wonderful. Good assortment of veggie option dishes. Be careful. Except for 2 meals at assigned resturants. You are issued 2 meal vouchers at check in, and you must show up at said assigned restaurant with your paper voucher at the exact time listed, or you will be refused service.

This is because you booked thru Cheap Caribbean. Pay more thru another website, and you can eat whereever you want. We wish we would have. I am not a vegetarian, and I found it hard to eat there. Get to the buffet when it first opens, otherwise the food is cold, and gross people grab food with their hands, etc. Bring vitamins. Also there is a pasta station and a TON of fish options. What if I am alone In order to see the pricing for one traveler, you just need to select "1" under the number of guests, and it will price out the package for you for just one traveler.

Im not sure.

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