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They need an OV-chipkaart in order to benefit from the cheaper rates afforded to the locals.

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The best part is that there are different subscriptions that NS offers to their customers for even cheaper ways to travel. Again, not really aimed at tourists. Fear not patrons, I cometh with good news.

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A little while ago I stumbled upon this website and was pleased to discover alternative ways to buy train tickets. Every year, the NS sells discount cards through local retailers. These cards can sometimes save you a fortune, depending on where you are going. Below you will find short list of places to buy discounts tickets. This may not make your train journey more pleasurable, but it will certainly make it cheaper.


Redeeming coupon codes

NOTE: These discounts and offers are seasonal and thus subject to change. I will do my best to keep this section updated with the latest offers. Fancy seeing some artwork? Travel times are limited to Monday thru Friday after and all day on the weekend. Be sure to regularly check spoordeelwinkel for seasonal discounts.

How do you get your coupon code?

The NS itself offer the Amsterdam travel ticke t for the extra touristy among you. Unlimited travel to and across the Check the link in Engels!

Op pad met NS Spoordeelwinkel naar de attractieparken - NS

The price is 55 euros total, which means the tickets can be as cheap as 7 euro per person. Be sure to search Facebook for groups that help travellers link up and save money travelling to the same destination. This is a popular option among travellers who need to make frequent long commutes like Den Haag to Maastricht for example. Click here to read the fine print.

In for something tasty during your next travel?

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This train ticket is also valid there! Just keep in mind that this is a train ticket thus not valid for busses, trams or metros. This allows you to check in and out of all public transport in the Netherlands. You just need to top up the card with sufficient funds minimum 20 euro for NS, euro for other providers to be able to check in. For this, you will need a friend or stranger to travel with who has a subscription that allows for others to travel on his card.

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Find the instructions here! A quick summary. No balance: carefree check-in and check-out. Adjust or deactivate every month View Season Tickets. Would you rather not have NS Flex? Find the season ticket that suits you Filter results. How are you travelling? Show all. Outside peak hours. During peak hours.

On weekends.

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On the same route regularly. Filter results. Select an option Show all Outside peak hours During peak hours On weekends On the same route regularly. All 7 season tickets Dal Voordeel.

Dal Voordeel. Altijd Voordeel. Weekend Vrij. I love finding a good deal.

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Recently, I bought a discount pass for a friend of mine who was visiting me. He was traveling from the Hague to Groningen with a stop over in Gouda. I end up checking the monthly specials for NS only to see a deal for him where he would only pay 16 euros for this lengthly one day journey. I ended purchasing it using ActievanDeDag. Then, this website sent me my code to be redeemed. For this ticket, it was only valid if printed. I used to use Google Translate to navigate this. This website is owned by NS, one of the private train companies. They offer discounts on the train along with something extra.

I strongly recommend getting a personalized OV Chipkaart if you regularly take the trains. As this pass is linked to your bank account, you only need 10 euros on your card to take the train. It only costs one cent to add the OV Fiets subscription to your subscription, which gives you access to the discounted bikes that you can rent from most train stations in the Netherlands for as little as euros per day. I have the dal voordeel pass from NS. This NS subscription can be purchased once a year for 50 euros. You can sometimes find it on special for 30 euros like I did.

Specifically, this is between between and and after on weekdays. Better yet, you can share your discount with up to 3 other people, even if they have an anonymous OV Chipkaart. Between me and my husband, I made my money back on this steal of a pass within two months! This is only for Dutch residents with Dutch bank accounts.

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Ns.nl coupon code

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