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Multiple coupons cannot be added during subscription creation and is only supported for existing subscriptions. Coupon setup and integration can be done easily by entering the name, discount value, duration, validity and constraints. Naming your coupon in a detailed way is quite useful during sign up. You should be able to easily understand what the offer is all about without checking the coupon details in the web interface. Specify an invoice name or the application will use the default.

This name appears on the invoice sent to customers and appears on the HTML generated view of the invoice. Select the expiration date in the Valid Till field.

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Once this date passes, the coupon becomes invalid. During the festive season, you could offer coupons with limited period saying they would be valid until December 25th. Set the number of times a coupon can be redeemed using the Maximum Redemptions field. If a coupon has maxed out the number of redemptions, it becomes void and can no longer be used for new sign ups. If a coupon has not been used yet, then all the fields can be edited. To edit a coupon, click on the coupon name, and click on the Edit Coupon button on the right side.

Once you have specified the maximum redemption value, it will be applied to the coupon. To delete or archive a coupon, click on the coupon and then click on "Delete Coupon" button on the right side.

This coupon method serves two purposes:

When you delete a coupon that has no redemptions, the coupon will be completely removed from the system and it will not appear on the list of coupons either. You can reuse a coupon name to create a new coupon if needed. Reusing a coupon name is only possible if the original coupon has never been redeemed, renamed or completely deleted. If a coupon has been "Archived", the same coupon name cannot be re-used. Bulk Actions can only be performed by Admins. Cloning a coupon involves replicating an existing coupon to make changes to it.

You can also use this option to increase the discount amount for new subscriptions while keeping your existing subscriptions on the old discount amount. Cloning a coupon consists of the same steps involved in cloning a plan. Ensure that the old coupon is archived after cloning so it does not appear in the customer portal. When you delete a coupon that has been redeemed, it becomes archived.

This means that it is not completely removed but will be in archive mode and will appear on the list of coupons. Archiving will also prevent future usage of the coupon but existing users will not be affected. If you're applying the coupon on your Customer's behalf during a Subscription change, you will find the option in the Change Subscription page. Help center.

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Docs Coupons. You can apply an Early Bird coupon and set the redemption limit to If a coupon has been added to a subscription, the redemption value reduces by 1 regardless of whether the coupon has been applied to the invoice for the subscription or not. You can reset the redemption value whenever needed while editing a coupon.

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transfer factor coupons Transfer factor coupons
transfer factor coupons Transfer factor coupons
transfer factor coupons Transfer factor coupons
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transfer factor coupons Transfer factor coupons

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